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Produkta numurs: 20409809
<span>Diktofons ICD-PX240 Sony</span> ICDPX240.CE7
45,31 EUR 39.40 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20448419
ICD-BX140 4GB Non PC
49,22 EUR 42.80 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20482524
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-541PC  Black, WMA, Segment display 1.39&apos;, V405281BE000
49,45 EUR 43.00 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20539361
Sony ICD-BX140 Grey, MP3 playback, 4GB Digital Voice Recorder with MP3/HVXC recording/playback ICDBX140.CE7
53,13 EUR 46.20 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20342072
PHILIPS diktafons, 4GB DVT1200
54,63 EUR 47.50 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20348445
<span>Diktofons VN-541PC Olympus</span> VN-541PC-E1
57,49 EUR 49.99 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20576818
Sony ICD-BX140 dictaphone ICDBX140.CE7
2.16 / mēnesī
60,49 EUR 52.60 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20471500
Olympus VN-541PC dictaphone Internal memory Black V405281BE000
2.17 / mēnesī
60,61 EUR 52.70 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20340641
2.18 / mēnesī
60,95 EUR 53.00 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20501352
Sony ICD-PX240 Black, Grey, MP3 playback, LCD Display, MAX. RECORDING TIME MP3 8KBPS (MONAURAL)1043 Hrs 0 MinMAX. RECORDING TIME MP3 48KBPS (MONAURAL)173 Hrs 0 MinMAX. RECORDING TIME MP3 128KBPS65 Hrs 10 MinMAX. RECORDING TIME MP3 192KBPS43 Hrs 25 Min min ICDPX240.CE7
2.26 / mēnesī
63,25 EUR 55.00 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20433751
Sony ICD-PX370 MP3 playback, Black, 9540 min, MP3, Monaural, Mono Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in USB, ICDPX370.CE7
2.28 / mēnesī
63,83 EUR 55.50 EUR
Produkta numurs: 20416946
<span>Diktofons ICD-PX370 Sony</span> ICDPX370.CE7
2.26 / mēnesī
63,24 EUR 54.99 EUR