Pioneer SE-M531
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Piegāde: 2-3 darba dienas
Prece atjaunota: 05.06.20 15:07
Cena ir spēkā līdz : 05.06.20

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Realistic surround sounding headphone

Designed for home cinema enthusiasts, these headphones bring any kind of entertainment sound to life – whether it be on TV, DVD, CD, or clips on the internet. Their Powerful Bass duct (40mm driver unit) design delivers a dynamic, deep and rich bass sound that provides you with an optimal listening experience. A small and strategically placed hole on the side allows the driver to breathe.

Enjoy long and comfortable listening sessions thanks to the soft velour-type ear pads that ban ambient noise and, at the same time, prevent sound leakage. So, with the SE-M531 headphones you have all you need to dig into your favourite song or movie without being disturbed, or disturbing others..

The self-adjusting headband ensures a secure fit at all times, while the long single-sided and tangle-free cord allows you to watch TV from a distance. Now get ready, sit-back, and enter your own sphere of superior sound.

The SE-M531 is available in black.