Pioneer SE-MJ512-R
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Piegāde: 2-3 darba dienas
Prece atjaunota: 05.06.20 16:16
Cena ir spēkā līdz : 05.06.20

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Comfortable and high quality.

Enjoy great audio quality while looking good with these fully enclosed headphones. Large, soft earpads and a slim-type headband ensure a comfortable and light fit.

These on-ear headphones fold into a compact configuration for easy storage and carrying.


  • Large 40mm driver units for pure and high-quality sound

  • Foldable construction

  • Coloured cord.


The SE-MJ512 comes in 6 colour variations, giving you the choice to match your headphones to your style. The headphone’s housing features a ring that matches the colour of the cord. Available colours are: black (SE-MJ512-K), red (SE-MJ512-R), white (SE-MJ512-W), pink-white (SE-MJ512-PW), turquoise/black (SE-MJ512-GK), turquoise/white (SE-MJ512-GW).