Pioneer SE-CL501
Produkta numurs:20582397
pieejams pasūtīšanai: 1
Piegāde: 2-3 darba dienas
Prece atjaunota: 05.06.20 14:52
Cena ir spēkā līdz : 05.06.20

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These affordably priced headphones comes with a fully enclosed design that ensures excellent noise-isolation and powerful bassreproduction. Three types of ear tips are included for a secure and comfortable fit.

These earphones are available in Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Orange.

Black: SE-CL501-K

White: SE-CL501-W 

Blue: SE-CL501-L

Green: SE-CL501-G

Red: SE-CL501-R

Pink: SE-CL501-P

Orange: SE-CL501-M